Where to start???

Well, I decided to start this blog about 2 things in my life that I love and hate. I love cooking, traveling the roads on my motorcycle throughout the Eastern Canada/United States region and traveling. What do i hate? I hate how overweight I am. I am 51 years old and finally this year, I have decided to do something about it. I joined Weight Watchers on January 6, 2010. I weighed 304 pounds! Even I never thought I was that heavy! I was, and still am, disgusted with myself. How did I get here? Well, that's part of what i will be exploring with this blog. So, I am starting out on another journey. This time however, it will not be bike travels on twisty roads, with the wind in my face and pure joy and excitement but rather a road that will be much harder to travel, but hopefully with rewards and accomplishments along the way. So, I am starting this blog a bit late but better late than never. Plus, I am at the point where I have been successful so far but am in need of a little more motivation. I say more motivation because, well, I guess I should have enough motivations already (and I will list them in a later post) but I guess I am feeling a bit stagnat.

My Bike

My Bike
2009 Suzuki M90

Monday, April 26, 2010

My bad!

Haven't been on this for awhile now. Been really busy and can't find the time to get everything done that I want.

I'll try better!

On the good news, I've re-lost the 2 pounds I gained. And a few more!

More to come....

Friday, April 9, 2010


I paid for a bad week the previous week to this week. Follow me? Last week I lost 2 pounds at my WW weigh in. And I was a bit suprised. In fact, more than a little suprised. So, this week I was doing pretty good (or so I thought) but come weigh in time, I was up 2 pounds. 2 pounds!

Part of me was expecting this at some time. And god knows I've not exactly been counting points and doing ALL the good things I'm supposed to do. But part of me was...I don't know, Hoping my trend would continue.

I felt embarrassed, disgusted, mad, you name it. But I also realize this is a journey I am on. It will have peaks and valleys. Geez, it's like I have multiple personalities when I see what I'm writing here. So, I'm using this as a bit of a reality check. Weight goes on sooooo easily but it's so damn hard to get it off.

The struggle continues...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bike troubles!!

Well, here in Ottawa, Canada, we had record smashing temperatures this past weekend. I was off Good Friday, through the weekend and thanks to my employer (we're on a reduced work week, with reduced pay as well), I had Monday off. Planned to get some mega riding in.

Friday, I decided to change the oil in my bike. I drive a 2009 Suzuki M90. 1500 cc's of pure stump pulling power. Anyway, I change the bike and noticed when taking the oil pan drain plug out, fine little thread like peices of metal came out with the bolt. WTF! I thought it might be part of the washer (it's a special "crush" washer that is used). I continue with the oil change and when I go to screw the drain plug back in, I find out the oil pan threads are stripped. I was bummed! Spent all day Saturday trying to find out what was entailed to fix this and how much. Long story short, and many visits to various bike and machine shops, I found the cheapest fix was going to cost me $75. But all places i went to could not look at it till the end of this week. Bummer. Then a chance call to a buddy and I learned about self tapping oil pan bolts. Eureka! Found one at a Napa Auto Parts place. Cost...$3.58! Unfortunately, it's no Monday late afternoon so I missed the awesome weekend weather but the bike is now fixed.

Johnny is very happy!!!

At least with my bike....

Been away from the computer for a bit.

Well, food wise, I think I've been pretty good this week however, I have a sneaky suspicion that I'm going to pay for last week. Last week you ask? Didn't you lose 2 pounds last week? Well, yes but I'm not entirely sure how i did it. I have a feeling things will even out this week.

Weigh in tonight.....stay tuned!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I must be doing something right

I was down 2 pounds this week. I'm delighted. Okay, honestly, I'm suprised. Wasn't the best of weeks eating wise but I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought.

Okay, this has given me a much needed physiological boost.