Where to start???

Well, I decided to start this blog about 2 things in my life that I love and hate. I love cooking, traveling the roads on my motorcycle throughout the Eastern Canada/United States region and traveling. What do i hate? I hate how overweight I am. I am 51 years old and finally this year, I have decided to do something about it. I joined Weight Watchers on January 6, 2010. I weighed 304 pounds! Even I never thought I was that heavy! I was, and still am, disgusted with myself. How did I get here? Well, that's part of what i will be exploring with this blog. So, I am starting out on another journey. This time however, it will not be bike travels on twisty roads, with the wind in my face and pure joy and excitement but rather a road that will be much harder to travel, but hopefully with rewards and accomplishments along the way. So, I am starting this blog a bit late but better late than never. Plus, I am at the point where I have been successful so far but am in need of a little more motivation. I say more motivation because, well, I guess I should have enough motivations already (and I will list them in a later post) but I guess I am feeling a bit stagnat.

My Bike

My Bike
2009 Suzuki M90

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have my Weight Watchers meeting tonight...... :(

It hasn't been a great week. I've been in the doldrums lately and even though it's sunny and way above average temeratures for this time of year, it has not snapped me out of whatever funk I'm in. And guess what I do when in a funk. Triathalons. Ya, right. I eat. Nothing huge, I didn't go to McDonalds or Arby's (although both are a stone's throw from my house), just constant nibbling.

I seemed to have injured my shin last Saturday walking. I don't know how or what but it's really sore near the bottom of my shin just before my foot. I had to stop walking after 1 mile. I couldn't go out on my walks again until today. So there goes my goal of 86 miles in March. I think this is what has put me into my funk that I'm in. Is it possible that I'm at the point where I "need" the excercise? That I get cranky, irritable, moody, lost, etc when I don't get my walk in? Is it possible that the way i used to get when i didn't get my fast food fix is now the way i am when I don't get my excercise?

What I do know is that I was able to walk for 1hr and 15 minutes on my usual route today and I feel exhilirated! And accomplished, and satisfyied and I no longer feeling quilty!

Who knew!

P.s. Walking totals for the month (I use GPS on my iPhone to keep track of time and distance then log it into a spreadsheet)

Total time spent walking: 26 hours, 1 minute, 24 seconds
Total distance walked: 82.63 miles.

This gives me a goal to now beat next month! And 1 less day to do it too!

Friday, March 26, 2010


I could a lot of things here.


I'm thinking.....this would be a hell of a way to go!

Goal for the month.

Okay, different than a weight loss goal. I am worried I am becoming too obsessed with weight and will drive everyone around me crazy!!!

Nope, this one is a completely personal achievement. I'd like to walk 100 miles this month. I've already walked 72.5 miles. Wasn't something I started out thinking but it's been niggling in the back of my head for a week or so now. So, let's see, 6 days left, and 18 miles to go, should be do-able!

I'll keep you posted!

**New Note:** As I was on my walk today I got to thinking my math was wrong. Yep, I'd have to do 28 miles in 6 days. And i know that's too much. So, I decided to go for a more realistic goal. 86 miles. Why 86? Because that's double what I did in February! Anything past that is a bonus.

By the way, just did 5.35 miles at lunch! Took me an hour and 35 minutes but I work a lot longer than I get paid for a lot of days so i don't begrudge taking the extra time.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Looking at that picture of me on my bike last year (March 21st to be exact), the 33 pounds I have lost is all from my gut! My wife (who is 5'2 and about 110 lbs) says she can now get her arms around me when we hug!


Well, after a not so great week, I did manage to lose 1 pound. How I did that I'm not sure. Must be the walking! My weakness....peanut butter. I love it on Caramel Chocolate Chip Rice Cakes. So, what happens is I get home famished, and snack. I know I shouldn't but I can't seem to stop myself. Then I hate myself and so I have another one! It's a vicious cycle I have been doing my whole life. I have to learn a way to control this. Or I'll be unhealthy, unhappy and fighting with this forever.

Any ideas????

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An Interesting Article I Found. Thoughts?

Get Tough on Fat by Toughness Coach Steve Siebold

Fit and fat people think differently, says mental toughness coach Steve Siebold.

• Fat people eat for pleasure; fit people eat for health.
• Fat people believe diets are fads; fit people believe diets are strategies.
• Fat people eat emotionally; fit people eat strategically.
• Fat people believe there’s a secret to getting fit; fit people know there is no secret.
• Fat people expect weight loss without pain; fit people know everything has a price.
• Fat people see diets as short term; fit people see diets as long term.
• Fat people choose pleasure over discipline; fit people choose discipline over pleasure.
• Fat people associate with fat people; fit people associate with fit people.
• Fat people never have time to exercise; fit people make time to exercise.
• Fat people believe 99% compliance is good; fit people believe 99% compliance is terrible.
• Fat people are obsessed with food; fit people are obsessed with success.
• Fat people lie to themselves; fit people are brutally honest.
• Fat people feel powerless to change; fit people believe they can do anything.
• Fat people negotiate the price of success; fit people just pay the price.
• Fat people don’t connect fitness with sexual energy; fit people know sexual energy increases through fitness.

Some of this really hits home.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Walking, walking, walking!

I've also started walking. It was kinda hard at first. I used to walk to the refrigerator but that was about it. But now I really enjoy it. Oh, there's sometimes I don't feel like it (looking outside right now, it's rainy, cold and miserable) but I go anyway and before long I'm zipping along. I've kept a record of my walks and it brings great satisfaction to enter each walk's time and distance. I'm up over 64 miles so far this month all by walking and all by me! I believe it goes a long way to the lifestyle changes I needed to make.

So, Walk On!!!

Fantastic website!

I found a WW recipe friendly site and just have to let everyone know. It's called Gina's Recipes and it's at http://www.skinnytaste.com/

The recipes here are SRUMPCIOUS! And Gina has let everyone know the points value. Great site. Thank you Gina!