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Well, I decided to start this blog about 2 things in my life that I love and hate. I love cooking, traveling the roads on my motorcycle throughout the Eastern Canada/United States region and traveling. What do i hate? I hate how overweight I am. I am 51 years old and finally this year, I have decided to do something about it. I joined Weight Watchers on January 6, 2010. I weighed 304 pounds! Even I never thought I was that heavy! I was, and still am, disgusted with myself. How did I get here? Well, that's part of what i will be exploring with this blog. So, I am starting out on another journey. This time however, it will not be bike travels on twisty roads, with the wind in my face and pure joy and excitement but rather a road that will be much harder to travel, but hopefully with rewards and accomplishments along the way. So, I am starting this blog a bit late but better late than never. Plus, I am at the point where I have been successful so far but am in need of a little more motivation. I say more motivation because, well, I guess I should have enough motivations already (and I will list them in a later post) but I guess I am feeling a bit stagnat.

My Bike

My Bike
2009 Suzuki M90

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An Interesting Article I Found. Thoughts?

Get Tough on Fat by Toughness Coach Steve Siebold

Fit and fat people think differently, says mental toughness coach Steve Siebold.

• Fat people eat for pleasure; fit people eat for health.
• Fat people believe diets are fads; fit people believe diets are strategies.
• Fat people eat emotionally; fit people eat strategically.
• Fat people believe there’s a secret to getting fit; fit people know there is no secret.
• Fat people expect weight loss without pain; fit people know everything has a price.
• Fat people see diets as short term; fit people see diets as long term.
• Fat people choose pleasure over discipline; fit people choose discipline over pleasure.
• Fat people associate with fat people; fit people associate with fit people.
• Fat people never have time to exercise; fit people make time to exercise.
• Fat people believe 99% compliance is good; fit people believe 99% compliance is terrible.
• Fat people are obsessed with food; fit people are obsessed with success.
• Fat people lie to themselves; fit people are brutally honest.
• Fat people feel powerless to change; fit people believe they can do anything.
• Fat people negotiate the price of success; fit people just pay the price.
• Fat people don’t connect fitness with sexual energy; fit people know sexual energy increases through fitness.

Some of this really hits home.

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  1. That's an interesting bit you posted, it really makes you see while in this journey the way your thinking changes.